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Boatbond Logbook is your personal logbook service, where you can easily save your memories from your boat travels; store for example your travel routes, pictures, travel parties, and weather conditions and share them with friends. You can also update maintenance work, fuel levels and engine hours related to your boat and travels. Order the Boatbond logbook now!

Order Boatbond logbook.

The Boatbond value certificate is more than an electronic maintenance book. With our service you can update and store your boat's equipment, engines, storage and maintenance. It is imperative to keep and store the history of your boat to preserve its value.

We can guarantee that a boat with value certificate will differentiate itself from other boats in the market and is bound to sell at a higher price with trust-worthy papers.

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Our service accelerates and facilitates your activities as well as adds new customers to your company’s client base. Do your clients currently receive an electronic value certificate?

Our trial system is free – order your IDs now! We bring you a versatile and easy-to-use system for maintenance and docking. Our service saves your time and allows for a comprehensive boat- and maintenance data management. You will receive everything as a service - not a single software installation needed. With our unique service you create an electronic boat portfolio for your customer, and the service will increase your customer loyalty.

You can concentrate on essentials when you and your client can both review the history (f ex. past maintenance work, past owners) of the boat. You can also plan future actions more efficiently. Our unique Boat Maintenance Planning –system is built on careful research and feedback received from marine business owners. We constantly develop the system based on feedback from our valued clients.

1. Efficient project management
2. Stored boat information, equipment and engine information
3. Inventory control
4. Personalized maintenance template creation
5. Manufacturers' service instructions for use
6. Free trial

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